City wall murals

A mural is any piece of artwork painted on a wall, ceiling or other big permanent surface. Wall mural has special characteristics that make it different that is to have a harmonious space architectural element entered the picture. Murals are various. There are nature murals, children murals, and more. There is city wall murals you need to know.

Urban Grunge Cityscape Wall Mural City wall murals

It is made usually for social criticism or social phenomena. The matter that criticized by the mural painters are mostly about politics and social issues. With this, people are expected to realize about the criticism. For example pictorial murals of dogs and humans, it has a meaning so that people not do dog fighting competition. Another example is, mural drawing butts Morocco, human, and trash. The purpose of this mural is that smokers should throw the cigarette butts in the trash, because if the litter can cause flooding. This is to realize that flooding is not a natural disaster, but disasters caused by man himself.

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Nowadays, it has become a popular way to decorate. It can give special atmosphere and the feeling of spaciousness. City skylines are symbols of strength. You can bring that feeling into your room.

City Shade Wall Mural City wall murals

City Wall Mural View City wall murals

Sidney Opera House at Dawn Wall Mural City wall murals

Skyline Night Wall Mural City wall murals

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